The rector of the University Jaume I (UJI), Vicent Climent, has ensured that studies of Health Sciences are guaranteed to continue in the future” and reiterated that the university from Castellón is “clearly committed” with the consolidation of medical and nursing degrees thatalong withPsychologycurrent form the core of the new faculty, as reported the UJI in a statement.

The University Jaume I last year invested 5.9 million euros in adapting these facilities to startwith all the guarantees of qualitythe first course of the degree in Medicine and Nursing in September 2012. The forecast of the University Jaume I is that this temporary seat canaccommodate students in first, second and third year of these degrees until September 2014for when it is scheduled that can be fullyoperational the permanent seat of the Faculty of Health Sciencesof already available architectural project and the land on which will be located.

Climent made these statements after the completion of a new round of visits to public hospitals in the province of Castellónfrom next yearwelcome students from these degree practical training of Health,which, as highlighteddemonstrates the will of all hospitals in our studiessupport“.

Regarding the delays in construction of the new building of the Faculty of Health Scienceswhose tender phase was scheduled to be initiatedbefore the summerthe rector stated that it is a “delay tdevelopmentimely” until “the international and domestic economic scenario be clarified” and will not have consequences in the implementation and  plans of new degrees of Health.

In this sense, Climent recalled that studies of Medicine, Nursing and Psychology are being given “in perfect condition” in the provisionalheadquartersthe extension building of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, “who features the right equipment to host trainingcourses over the next two“.

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