The original factory siren sounded again yesterday at the time the Blast Furnace No. 2, emblem of the old steel that carried Puerto de Sagunto,back to life after spending 25 years of inactivity.

The President of the Generalitat, Alberto Fabra; the government delegate, Paula Sánchez de León, the Councillor for Tourism Lola Johnson and Mayor Alfredo Castelló started on a journey to the city’s industrial past with a guided tour for this peculiar structure 64 meters high
which was built in 1922 and was rebuilt in the sixties.

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Until the restoration has been complex. He started in 1999 and has performed in three long phases. In the last phase which intervened ValnuEngineering Service performing building facilities. The three administrations (state, regional and local)have worked together on the project.Fabra President said this is the monument “to sacrifice, the effort, the past and the future” and Sanchez de Leon praised this joint effort,something “needed to get Spain out of the crisis.”

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