How we work

Management of documentation

The control of the operational process design and development of projects, construction management and legalization is done through the SAP BUSSINESS ONE IT tools. To obtain the coding of the work, the MyOffice Process Management computer tool to perform work planning, review and prepare documents, save records, manage Non-Conformities and Corrective Actions. The CAPTARIS ALCHEMY Document Management computer tool for storing information, allowing later to easily make queries. To develop the calculations of the technical part of the process there is a series of technical programs that are controlled in the MyOffice Process Management.

The support processes are external communications, internal communications and printing devices. These support processes allow clients to consult about content, planning, delivery of work, external advice to suppliers, hold meetings with internal staff to establish guidelines and follow-up for the continuous improvement of the process, consultation and participation of internal staff, identification and treatment of non-conformities and corrective actions and end the process obtaining the finished product.

Technical Means

For the development of over work, the team at Valnu present in all projects the following references:

MyOffice 2008




PRESTO 12.03

MC4 SUITE 2006

TES-1330 digital light meter

with a measuring range of 20 to 20,000 lux (Full scale) mark TES Electrical Electronic Corp.

Thermal camera Flir T335

Test Equipment air conditioning installations.

Model Velocicalc Plus Meters brand TSI

Sound level meter BRÜEL 2236

with calibrator

Sound level meter BRÜEL 2250

with calibrator

Sound level meter BRÜEL 2260

with calibrator, pink noise generator and amplifier, tapping machine, speaker, two tripods, cabling.

Balanced team of hydraulic circuits

Brand Model CBI TA

Network Analyzer.

Circutor. Model Cire3

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